Take control of tax risks created by travel.

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One solution for every department’s exposures.


Tax and finance

Business travel creates PE and nexus exposures. Monaeo’s data helps reduce compliance gaps and protect against audits.  

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Global mobility

Don’t let your mobile workforce create risk. Monaeo gives you the data you need to take care of your business travelers and your company. 

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Save time on multi-jurisdiction payroll. Multi-jurisdiction payroll withholding can be time-consuming and painful.

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Audits cost companies millions each year. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Your odds of being audited are rising.

  • States and countries are increasing audits as they try to close budget gaps. Data can be your best defense.
  • Regulators have data about your company’s travel. So should you.
  • Governments and auditors are sharing travel information and investing in analytics. In fact, they may have more data about your travel than you do.


Our 3-step process streamlines your compliance.


1. Secure data aggregation

Monaeo automatically collects your company’s travel data from the sources of your choice.


2. Customized analysis

Travel is analyzed using customizable rules that reflect your company’s needs and goals.


3. Powerful reports and insights

Reports, dashboards, and data feeds give you the power to make better decisions and streamline existing workflows.

A solution that fits the way you work.


 Easy implementation

Quick set-up and streamlined onboarding, with zero to minimal involvement from your IT team.





Monaeo understands the value of your data. That’s why we protect it with bank-grade security and privacy controls.


Audit readiness

Monaeo provides hard data to protect your company in the case of an audit.





Integrates seamlessly with your existing payroll and HRIT systems. Fully customizable and scalable system adapts to your company’s changing needs.



Monaeo gives you control of your data. Choose what data to collect, when to collect it, and how to analyze it.