non-New Yorkers
pay large NY tax bills

New York residency audits continue at record levels. Taxpayers claiming non-residency are paying millions when they can’t prove they spent less than 183 days in New York. In many cases, that means they face double taxation by New York and their “home” state.



non-residency audits conducted in New York, 2013 – 2017

Taxing non-New Yorkers is
big money for New York

Asset 2@4x

$1 Billion

collected from non-residency audits, 2013 – 2017

A big slice of New York’s
audit revenue

Asset 13@4x

Taxpayers take a big hit
in non-residency audits


on average collected by New York in non-resident audits

Asset 5@4x copy

1 in 5

of these audits takes more than

1 year to resolve

Most non-New Yorkers can’t prove
they’re non-residents of New York

Asset 6@4x


lose their non-residency audit to New York state

Monaeo’s personal audit defense data has a


success rate

in reported audits


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Source: NYS Department of Taxation, FOIL Data 2010-2017