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The first and most advanced software of its kind:

  • Only software with proven audit protection
  • Actively used by thousands of high net worth individuals
  • Counts days across 180 countries and every U.S. state
  • Designed for individuals living or working in multiple states
  • Saves users millions of dollars


Technology does the work for you:

  • Manage time living or working in multiple states or countries
  • Prevent double taxation with proof of residency for tax purposes
  • Count days in jurisdictions automatically with our mobile application
  • Get early-warning alerts (e.g., 183 days) to avoid becoming a resident for tax purposes
  • Bolster audit protection with data triangulation to ensure accuracy





Data: the key to audit protection.

During a tax residency, domicile or allocation audit, your credibility is under attack. Monaeo strengthens your case with the power of data.

Detailed reports

of time spent in each jurisdiction.


Countdowns to limits

enable proactive tax planning strategies.


Data protection

with bank-grade security and encryption.


Hard evidence

eases the burden of proof in a tax residency audit.

We’ve helped people save millions.


Do you have clients who need help navigating residency requirements for tax purposes?

Would you like to offer Monaeo’s simple yet powerful audit protection solution to them? Monaeo partners with several leading legal, accounting and financial advisors. Learn more about how to protect your clients with the leading software solution for tax residency audits.

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We protect your privacy and the security of your data.


You own your data

Monaeo believes that you have the right to control your data. We will never sell your data to any third party.

You have full visibility

You always know what data is being collected and can pause your service at any time.

Bank-grade security and encryption

We understand the value of your data. That’s why we protect it with best-in-class security infrastructure, internal controls, and restricted access.

Developed by leaders in the field.

Monaeo’s advisory board is comprised of leading legal and accounting experts in tax residency audits.


Brian Gordon

Former District Audit Manager, NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance

Sidney Kess, CPA, JD

Executive Tax Editor, CPA Magazine

Mark Klein, JD

Partner Hodgson Russ LLC

David Leboff

Founder and President Expaticore

Tim Noonan, JD

Partner Hodgson Russ LLC