Taking Care Of Your Short-Term Business Travelers (Mobility Magazine)

Do you know where your traveling employees are? While many companies have a dedicated program in place for expats and relocation assignments, short-term business travelers can fly under the radar. A week-long business trip may not seem problematic, but depending on a number of variables (for example: the nature of the trip, the destination, and the time already spent by that employee and others at the destination) it can cause serious tax and immigration consequences for both the employee and the company.

This month’s Mobility Magazine features a helpful guide to short-term business traveler compliance issues, written by our co-founder Nishant Mittal and Julie Pearl over at Pearl Travel Tech.

Nishant and Julie cover the ins and outs of managing your mobile workforce, as well as how companies are using data analytics to improve immigration and tax compliance. When thinking about your company’s business traveler program, they offer the following evaluating questions:

1. Do you have the capacity to identify business travelers and gain visibility into their travel, domestically and globally?
2. Do you have a formal policy or compliance program that gives travelers the tools and resources to mitigate short-term business travel risks?
3. If yes, do employees actually use those tools?
4. How does your policy align with your company’s risk profile?

Whether your company has a robust business traveler program in place or is just starting to consider this issue, the article contains useful advice on best practices and common pitfalls. Read the full article on WorldwideERC’s website.

If you’re curious about how Monaeo’s solution can help your company better manage tax and payroll issues related to your business travelers, request a free consultation.

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