Monaeo Co-Founder Discusses Employee Mobility Tax Risks at TEI Region VIII

Nishant Mittal, Monaeo co-founder, has been invited to address the Tax Executives Institute Southeast Chapter on how technology can help companies manage tax issues created by employee travel.

A recent BloombergBNA survey of 500 major companies headquartered in the U.S. found that 85% of the companies had employees working outside of their resident jurisdiction. As businesses grow, employee mobility tends to increase. However, many companies do not have adequate processes in place to handle multi-jurisdiction tax compliance. With non-resident audit rates on the rise, employees traveling to other states, countries, or even cities, can create costly tax exposures.

Employee Mobility Graph

Nishant Mittal will explain how technology can help address these issues to the more than 400 tax executives who gather at TEI Southeast’s annual conference. Data analytics can provide tax executives with the necessary tools to address risks related to permanent establishment, payroll withholding, nexus, fringe benefits, and corporate income allocation.

The talk, “Technology, Travel, and the Tax Department,” will take place at The Westin Resort in Hilton Head Island, SC on June 23 at 5:10 p.m.

Are you headed to the TEI Region VIII conference? We’d love to see you! Drop a line or come by our booth.

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